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A common thought when considering mobile phones and tablets is an app.

We specialise in working with your data so rather than working with relatively static information such as text and images we are normally getting data in and out of your systems. This is entirely possible using an app. A disadvantage of an app is that it needs to be installed via the app store of the operating system (Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store). It's not always easy to get an app in their stores. The app will also take up space on the users device which may be a problem for cheaper devices. As there are 2 stores and operating systems your app needs to be developed twice as they work in a completely different way. This means a lot of work is involved in creating apps, which increases your costs.
We would recommend a web application instead. This is just a standard web site that is primarily designed to work well with mobile devices. Usually the site will work with any size of screen. The technique is called a progessive web app. i.e. as the screen size changes the pages alter to suit. You can see that working on this site if you view it on different screen sizes (or if you're using a large screen just resize the width of the browser window.)

Examples – You may need to periodically ask your customers for some readings (think about giving your energy company meter readings). A simple web app would work very well here.
Instead of hosting the application on the internet it could be on your intranet (your own internal network that your computers are connected to). Then only users in your company get to see it. In a factory you may need to get data to and from the floor to the offices.

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