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IT Services

We're branching out! We can now offer some IT Services and consultancy as well as system development. Do you have a project you'd like to implement thatyou don't have the time or skills to implement yourself? We can provide the skilled resource to help you do so. An Exchange Server engineer, someone to help you move to the cloud, an Office 365 mail expert.

Microsoft Windows Server

Windows Server 2016 and back a very long way if you need it! This includes advice on setup, configuration and troubleshooting, we also advise on security considerations (security patching), something that is more important than ever today to prevent potential costly loss of data and damaged reputation. If required we can formulate a project to investigate the level of security patching present on your server infrastructure producing a report on where urgent action is required to prevent exploitation of missing security related patches and then remediate this with a program of structured actions which will bring each machine into a secure state. We can then put in place methods to make sure your system stays up to date and is less vulnerable to attack.

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Microsoft Active Directory

computers and users

A core Microsoft service which contains your company's users and everything they need to access including data. Having this setup correctly determines the security of your system as a whole and ensures all system resources can only be accessed by those that require that access.

We can advise on all aspects including best practice and how to maximise the efficiency and resiliency of the system.

Microsoft Active Directory can be secured in many ways to ensure your system meets standards such as ISO 27001, which will give you piece of mind that data stored within your systems is protected. Just as importantly clients that work with you reassurance that you have taken the question of security seriously.

Systems security is best approached using a defence in depth policy where several layers of defence are deployed, this will incorporate password policy, anti virus and malware software, firewalls (local and on the network perimeter), and formulating a leavers policy which when adhered to will ensure accounts with access to resources are disabled in a timely manner when staff leave the company.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Do you use Microsoft Exchange Server – the world’s most widely used email system?

Do you need an independent Exchange engineer?

Exchange can be sited locally on your own premises or run and accessed remotely over the internet (Office 365), or even setup in a hybrid mode which encompasses elements of both.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages and different challenges and associated costs.

We can advise on this to help you work out what is best in your own unique situation.

As a vital communications tool, Exchange has to be setup correctly and securely to prevent loss of data and to ensure the fastest communications internally and to the outside world. We have many years’ experience with this and can ensure your email system is both resilient, efficient, and most importantly secure.

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Exchange migrations / transitions

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Moving from one version of Exchange to an updated version can be a major headache for your business. There are many considerations and senior management may have concerns about loss of communications with their most important customers.

We have many years experience in this area and having worked on Exchange migrations we know the pitfalls and how to structure the migration in a manner which gives a smooth and easy transition to the new system.

Contact us for an Office365 migration specialist.

Office 365

Similarly moving to Office 365 can be a major challenge. Again there are many things to consider, how do we keep email flowing during the move from on premise Exchange where you control every aspect of you companies email system, to moving on premise mailboxes to the cloud, we can help to ease the process with advice and with the practical experience behind us making the move easier for you and your employees.

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The program your users use to access and send email.

This can be setup to allow the booking of meeting rooms and show when a person is available for meetings and has lots of other functionality to assist your business communications both internally and externally.

Why not give your employees some basic Outlook training, this can go a long way to making them much more effective in their everyday work.

We can advise on how to help them spot potentially dangerous emails saving you a compromised system and making your employees feel more confident in using email in a safe and effective way.

Optimising Outlook can bring many benefits to your business from time saving to allowing much more efficient communications between internal employees and external clients.


Hardware in the form of servers can be costly to purchase initially and maintain post purchase, and if you need to run many machines to accommodate your applications costs can soon mount up.

This cost can be overcome using virtualisation technology to run many virtual machines which are hosted on one physical machine.

This sounds complex but we have lots of experience in this area. Server rationalisation can help you drastically cut down on the number of physical machines you need to run saving you money in reduced power consumption, software licensing, and general hardware maintenance costs.

Contact us for a Windows Server engineer with Hyper-V or VMware skills.

Cloud based services

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The Cloud can be a confusing concept and amid all the hype it is not always obvious what it can offer to a business. Essentially all this means is that you no longer need to purchase hardware which you will be responsible for maintaining and keeping secure.

These services are offered by a Cloud Provider for a monthly cost. You don’t need to worry about backing up data, applying security patches or even keeping the hardware up and running. All this is done for you.

This can apply to applications as well, but beware, knowledge as they say is power, and the more knowledgeable you are the best deal you will get.

We can provide advice on the cloud services available such as Microsoft Azure and advice on specific areas such as setting up and running servers in the cloud whether this is one machine or many machines running a variety of applications.

Cloud services have their advantages but you also need to be aware if they are right for you and how you can use them in your business. Microsoft Azure offers many services, some of which you may consider a good fit for your needs, again the experience which we can provide of how and why you might be able to utilise these is vital in decision making.

Networking Services

Your business relies on a combination of servers, printers, workstations and data storage devices. All of this equipment must be able to communicate in a timely manner to enable your employees to access data and to communicate securely with each other and the outside world.

Cisco provide the routers and switches which allow network traffic to flow and ultimately to allow the various devices to swap information. Routers allow the flow of traffic to external entities and switches can be used to segment your network for performance and security related purposes.

We have experience with Cisco routers and switches so that you can rest assured your network is resilient, secure, and ultimately as efficient as it can be. The internal network in your business will need to allow your employees access to the outside world and external customers the ability to communicate with them over the internet, therefore the internal network will need protection from potential malicious activity in the form of a firewall.

Perhaps your company has had a recent merger and you need to integrate the new business. We can help to make the transition work. You may need a Cisco engineer or an engineer to configure switches and routers.